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Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQ

Student Accounts

How will Army ROTC students receive their Scholarship Funding?

ROTC classes are moving to distance learning platforms (Zoom/Blackboard). Scholarships will not be affected due to this change.

Will I get a refund for tuition?  

No, refunds will not be given for tuition. The teaching and learning process is still on-going and will continue through the end of the semester.

Will I still receive my refund check?

Yes, all students who are eligible for a refund check will be contacted when the process is complete. The payments will rendered electronically. If you have a question, please email studentaccounts@vuu.edu.

Will I still receive work study payments?

Yes, all students who are eligible work study, and who were actively working in this capacity prior to the emergency management declaration, will receive work study payments. Students are encouraged to contact their  work study supervisor for more information. In addition, students are also encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid via phone at (804) 257-5882 or via email at finaid@vuu.edu.