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Virginia Union University’s (VUU) Workforce Development and Training program is designed to enhance students’ career pathways, as well as provide access to opportunities that will lead to gainful employment and reduction of student debt.
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Before the Resume… Make Sure You Have A Professional Email  
It is important that you have an email that is appropriate. It is not appropriate for your email to have nicknames or vulgar language. 

Have a meaningful summary or clear objective   Make sure your summary or objective is thorough and straight to the point. It has to state your aspirations and career goals.

DO NOT put the high school you attended.

Employers do not pay attention to the high school you attended. You can include an experience that you had before college only if it relates to the skills you need to get the job. Include the Experiences that MATTER When you are providing your work history, include jobs that relate to the position you want or that highlight the skills you need to be successful at the position. 

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